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My Kids Divorce (MKD) is a resource run by me, Niels Klement, to help you guide your children through the divorce without hurting them emotionally or psychologically. This Blog is based on my experiences and detailed research in cooperation with child therapists about how children think and behave throughout a separation. 

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Who Is Niels,


I`m a computer nerd and I had to experience a really hard separation in my early ages. Like so many other, I am a child of divorce, who had to carry big consequences due to my parent’s behavior. 

Although my parents always wanted the best for me and my brother, it didn’t quite work out, because they did not know better these days. 

This is what happened:

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Before my parents divorced in 2008 and they started to argue a lot, I did not realize it directly, I just could feel a bit of a change at home.

I was still in elementary school when I first noticed that my parents were behaving differently. At this time, I never ever, ever thought about what will happen in the next time but my 2-year-older-brother did. He always told me that something is wrong with my mom and dad and I kept ignoring it. However, a few weeks later my parents told me that they will end their relationship and will be divorced.

After my parents ended their relationship my dad moved to a friends house and my mom stood with us in our home. Unfortunately, we had to sell our house because of a financial crisis my family got in due the divorce and me, my brother and my mom moved to a little apartment in the city.

At this point in the story, I began to be a really introverted person because there wasn’t enough communication between my parents and me about the divorce and I really never talked to a person about what is hurting me. Furthermore, my parents pressured me additionally by arguing about child custody and other legal stuff I got to catch by the way.

That’s why I got depressed.

So I and my parents decided, that I should visit a children’s therapist.

I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Talking to a therapist really relieved my inner pain and it really helped me see things from a different perspective. But keep in mind, this shouldn’t be the go-to solution if it isn’t necessary. Instead, you should try to fix things first yourself or realize how to go about this before it is too late.

So, I am here to help you avoid or to find the best way out of this by giving you the best advice I am able to give with my experiences and with the help of other professionals.


I already had experience in coding and building websites since I was young.

And then, when my mind started to clear off and heal from the damage I took from my parent’s divorce, I intensely thought about how someone could prevent a kid from being hurt like me. I concluded that it always comes down to how parents deal with the situation and how they mediate it to their kids.

Since divorce is an emotional and sadly really incriminating process, it’s also really hard for you as parents to don’t loose sight of what’s important. So I decided to start this Blog, to help you get through this journey with a little help.


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